Your Step-by-Step Marketing Roadmap

Identify your best conversion strategies by putting the right steps in the right order …

We recommend improving your online marketing in a specific order.

We don't want you to waste money on expensive monthly SEO, social media & paid search packages just to send traffic to a website that is already under-performing.

Our step-by-step plan gets your website, social media, SEO & advertising working together in a way that leads to more sales.


Details …

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Step 1. Discovery Meeting

We conduct an in-depth interview with you & your key staff to understand your goals and how your current marketing is performing. This will include:

  • what do you think the problems are in your marketing now?

  • what strategies have been successful in the past?

  • what do you want to achieve from your marketing in the future?

  • what’s the problem you solve?

  • what’s a truly powerful offer we can make?

  • how can we provide proof you're the best choice?

  • how can we tempt the prospect with an irresistible offer?

Knowing what YOU want, specifically, makes it easier for us to align with strategies which can get you there. After this meeting we will also be able to give an indication of costs and timeline.


Step 2. Research Your Market

1) Content Review: where we audit your current marketing materials & search for “sticky language”, missed opportunities & hidden marketing gems. 2) Customer Interviews: We want to see what your ideal customers’ problems are & why they chose to do business with you. Information from these interviews will help you speak more clearly than your competition so you stand out.We also gather testimonials. 3) Competitor Analysis: We analyse numerous competitor websites to see what they are doing well. Then, we cherry-pick the best ideas that may work for you.


Step 3. Clarify Your Message

Armed with the research from Steps 1 & 2 we have all we need to clarify your message and flow it through your marketing material. Humans are hard wired to connect with stories. If your business needs a compelling message, we can help. Let us help you build a perfect brand story so you can use it across all of your marketing materials; websites, business cards, brochures, Google ads etc.  

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Step 4. Fix Your Website

Once you have developed a clear message, we’ll map out a high-converting website. We write the content and consider your customer journey and user experience to create lead generating machine. You can give this blueprint to your web designer or have us build a beautiful website for you.

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Step 5. Amplify Your Marketing

We recommend customer-getting methods that we think have the best conversion potential for your situation. They must be relatively quick & easy to implement & have high ROI potential. We can do any or all of this stage for you or help you to implement it yourself.


Step 6. Grow Your Business

This is an ongoing stage where we continue to get people connecting with your brand and buying. We do this by implementing the recommendations, above, specifically by broadcasting through various marketing channels such as:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Retargeting

  • Traditional Methods

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • SEO & more.

So How Long will this Take?

Steps 1 to 5 usually take 4-6 weeks to complete. Throughout the process we will be in regular contact to ask you questions & give you feedback to reassure you we’re on the right path. Step 6 will usually happen in collaboration with you as we all get a deeper & more rounded understanding of your business from every perspective.

What’s the Budget & Timeframe?

In terms of cost it really depends on a range of factors including your goals, your current marketing performance & your budget. After the Discovery Meeting we will also be able to give an indication of costs and timeline.

What are the Benefits to my Business?

  • You’ll know exactly how to talk about your brand.

  • Your website will prompt sales & you’ll get more leads.

  • Your customers will start responding to your brand & marketing.

  • Your marketing will create a buzz because you’ll know the questions your customers want answered.

  • You’ll use the right tactics in the right order & stop treading water.

  • You’ll flow the messaging through all your marketing & avoid fragmentation.

  • You’ll speak more clearly than your competition so you stand out.

  • You’ll know you’re doing it right & stop wasting money!

Next Steps …

1. Schedule a Discovery Meeting

Schedule a Discovery Meeting so we can can learn more about your business & figure out how we might help.

2. Create a RoadMap

We’ll create a RoadMap to attract customers, manage your marketing & position your company for success.

3. Grow Your Business

We’ll work the right strategies in the right order to create a buzz, get leads & grow your business.