Copy writing: No limp cliches or pointless platitudes here. 

Below are some of the hundreds of business stories we've written for our small business clients over the years and especially in our previous lives as owners of The Range News newspaper in Maleny (we took virtually all the photos too).

One of the best things about websites is that they give you unlimited space to provide useful and interesting information to people, and in doing so, move them further along the buying cycle (preferably towards doing business with you). 

So it makes little sense that the content of a website (the words and pictures) is often an afterthought. Too frequently, the entire focus is on layout, colours and graphics. Stop and think about it for just a moment. People are online in their millions, every minute of every day looking for what? Information. Not graphics or logos, widgets, buttons or gadgets. Not limp headlines or pointless platitudes. Just good old fashioned information.

And while your website is often the first port of call for someone searching for what your business has to offer, you can (and should) use well written sales copy to follow up every precious lead. Engaging, relevant and persuasive copy can be delivered to your prospects by email, on your promotional brochures, newsletters, free reports, press releases and commercial features, blog posts, or even delivered via video.


Photography: Use beautiful, professional photos, galleries & slideshows to make your business shine

There's a little secret to how we create beautiful websites. And the secret is ... IMAGES. Our designs, templates, plugins and splash pages are very functional, but functionality alone is not enough.  When it comes to websites, most of us (including your clients) are very visually driven, at least at first glance.  So you need to dress websites up with gorgeous images to really set your designs apart.  
A simple, consistent design with great content builds trust.  But to really polish things off, authentic, professional emotionally-engaging images give it a "WOW" factor.  As they say, first impressions count and your website is no different — especially when you are pitching for business.

If you require personalised, engaging photography for your website, we can help. 

The thing is, people like doing business with people, not stodgy corporations, so friendly imagery helps break down barriers.  As you can see, we've had heaps of experience photographing small business people just like you. Check out the pics below. 

In addition we can scour the web, and our resources, for appropriate images to compliment the 'look and feel' of your business.   Best of all, our design system makes it easy to show off your photos in beautiful, professional photo galleries and slideshows (as below). 

We can upload images directly to your site and apply a variety of editing and display toggles to maximize graphical impact and display your business and its products in the best possible light.  

Enjoy our portfolio ...